Heating and Cooling

Keeping Our Customer's Hot Rods Running Cool

Heating and Cooling Systems

Sonny's offers our customers several options when it comes to keeping your classic car or hot rod cool. First it's important to realize that the purpose of your cooling system is more than just keeping the engine at safe operating temperature. A proper cooling system is designed to maintain a consistent engine temperature. One of the key components of the cooling system is the radiator. 

Aluminum radiators and high output electric fans prevent Classic Cars & Hot Rods from overheating in the hot So-Cal summers. The factory mechanical and copper radiators can't keep up with the demands of modern stop and go traffic and higher speed limits (especially if your engine is upgraded to make more power that originally engineered). 

The heater core is part of a car’s cooling system. It looks and acts like a smaller version of a radiator, circulating coolant through the little tubes and radiating heat into the cabin. It is also responsible for allowing the defroster to function properly and is linked into the air conditioning system, which is organized around similar principles.

The cooling system should be planned as a complete system.  Sonny & Matt will ensure that you get the perfect components to keep your ride running cool. We will make sure all the components of your cooling system including thermostat, fan, and hoses are working together to give you optimal performance from your cooling system.

  • • Heavy Duty Heater Hose Upgrades

    • Upgraded Mechanical Water Pumps

    • Custom Radiator and Cooling Hoses

    • High-Efficiency Radiators (Aluminum/Copper/Brass)

    • Custom Power Steering , transmission, Oil Coolers

    • Upgraded Heater Cores to Prevent Leaks

  • • Dual & Single SPAL Fans

    • Trans Coolers for Towing

    • Custom Made Fan Shrouds

    • Upgraded Heat Exchangers

    • High-Quality Brushless Fans

    • High Flow Fail-Safe Thermostats

  • • Electric Fans

    • Clutch Fan Upgrades

    • Electric water Pumps

    • Upgraded Heater Cores

    • High Flow Thermostats

    • Custom Overflow Tanks