Engine & Drivetrain

Specializing in Engine and Drivetrain Services

  • • Complete Engine Conversions

    • Upgrade to Overdrive Transmissions

    • Custom Motor and Transmission Mounts

    • Hydraulic Clutch Conversions

    • OEM and Aftermarket Fuel Injection System

    • Custom 9” Rear Differential

    • Differential Servicing and Upgrading

  • • Custom 2 Piece Driveshafts

    • Clutch and Flywheel Replacement

    • U-Joint and Yoke Replacement

    • Differential Upgrade

    • Timing Chain Replacement

    • Water Pump and Thermostat Replacement

    • Belts & Hoses

    • Head Gasket Replacement

At Sonny’s we will make your Hot Rod or Classic Vehicle perform to its optimum by upgrading your ignition system with a more powerful electronic MSD distributor & coil.

More spark means more efficiency and a complete burn of the fuel for better drivability and fuel economy. We can upgrade your worn-out carburetor with a modern unit to increase performance and efficiency.

If your looking for the most efficient set-up consider replacing your carburetor with a state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection system.

Come in and speak with Sonny or Matt to find out how we can get the most horsepower and efficiency from your Hot Rod or Classic Car or Truck.

We can help increase the power of your hot rod or classic car by adding forced induction to your engine including supercharger and turbo superchargers.

  • • Custom Single & Twin Turbo Kits

    • E-85 Conversions

    • Water/Methanol Injection

    • Custom Upgraded Fuel Pumps & Hoses

    • Centrifugal Supercharger

    • Roots Supercharger

    • Twin Screw Supercharger