Electrical Wiring

From a complete re-wire job to changing a bulb Sonny’s has you covered

Electrical Services

Most classic cars and trucks with electrical problems are usually the result of a worn-out electrical system or a vehicle that hasn’t been rewired properly. Vehicles that are forty plus years old have more than likely been spliced into, repaired, or cut several times over the years.

At Sonny’s we don’t just replace the fuse box and harness, but rather we update to modern fuse box and fuses. This allows us to have more circuits available for modern amenities such as high-power stereos, electric fans, power seats & windows, and many other electrical accessories.

We also use larger gauge wire for less resistance and every component gets its own circuit. In addition, we can upgrade to higher amp alternators and LED bulbs, that will distribute more power at a lower RPM to give full power to all your circuits. The LED bulbs are brighter which gives more visibility at night to see and be seen.

Electrical and Wiring Services

  • • Battery Drain Testing & Electrical Diagnosis

    • Custom Battery Cables & Harness Repairs

    • Aftermarket Gauge and Stereo Wiring

    • Alternator Replacement & Testing

    • Battery Replacement & Testing

  • • Charging System Upgrades

    • 6 to 12 Volt Conversions

    • Weather Pack Connectors

    • High Output Alternators

    • Complete Wire Harness

    • Headlights & Tailights

  • • High Output Starters

    • Battery Relocation

    • Rodent Damage

    • New Connectors

    • New Fuse Box

    • Fan Controls

    • Relay Kits

Wiring Repairs

Sonny & Matt are wiring experts which means if you have an issue with your wiring and don’t want to do a complete re-wire they can diagnose and repair the issue for you.

Many times, there is a quick fix that can save you hundreds of dollars.

Let Sonny’s repair your wiring issue and get your car running as good as new if not better.